Extract Thumbnail from Private Vimeo Videos

Everything you enter in the form bellow is not saved anywhere. Your browser is doing everything so there's no server side calls included.

When you enter the data bellow you need to take Vimeo Rate Limits into consideration. If the limit is reached,
script will return list of video IDs that weren't included in the archive.

How does it work?

Script uses vimeo npm package to interacting with the Vimeo API. It uses /videos/{video_id}/pictures endpoint to retrieve thumbnails, and once
all images were retrieved and downloaded as base64 string, script will create a zip archive with JSZip and put images into the archive. After which zip
archive with name thumbs.zip is downloaded.


If you don't have this, head to the developer.vimeo.com/apps and create an app.

Comma separated list of video IDs, or one video URL per line.
There's usualy 7 images with different resolutions.